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A General Preview Of Oil Free Compressors

Even though compressed air systems produce large amounts of condensate, they are used across the world with love. In air compressors, the generated condensate has some lubricated contaminants that are hard to dispose of. 

The solution to this is oil-water separators, but an even better solution has been given by the manufacturers of air compressor in the form of oil-free compressors. The good thing about this version is that the condensate can be disposed of effortlessly and with no added expense.

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This technology has been in use for several decades now and differs a lot from their counterparts. In this post, we will have a general overview of this version and mainly its benefits.


One of the most remarkable benefits is that being oil-free; this version does not generate any smell or foul odor, therefore making the environment more comfortable to work in.

No doubt, the unit is less powerful as compared to others, but still it is known for delivering in terms of reliability and long-lasting performance for a wide range of tasks.

Because of power, performance, and odor-free operation, it is suitable for several sectors including medical sectors, food preparation environments, certain manufacturing plants, and much more.

Another benefit is related to the environment as this version is considered environment-friendly. If we throw light on the traditional compression systems, they rely upon lubrication for cooling, sealing, and lubricating various components. This results in grease buildup or condensate that as mentioned above, needs systematic disposal.