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An Electric Gas Furnace

If you're thinking of replacing your furnace with one that is more efficient that can provide you with an efficient furnace for heating your residence, I would suggest you think about the advantages of using an Electric gas Furnace. 

It's interesting to know that this kind of furnace isn't so common as the majority. It is however your ideal choice if you reside in an area in which heating oil prices are costly and expensive as compared to electricity or gas. You can also find the best  gas wall heater in Melbourne via online.

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Electric gas furnaces are composed mostly of a resistor unit that acts as the burner in an electric stove. It transforms electrical energy into thermal energy. The heat it creates heats the air in the furnace. The heat is channeled into the heating ducting, which is integrated into the fabric of the home, usually beneath floors, in walls, and then down into ceilings all over the house. 

They are typically small and compact , and can be installed easily within a typical home. This characteristic lends itself to a lower installation cost. 

They also have a distinct advantage in that they don't utilize a pilot light which means it is less probable to release any kind of gas or toxic fumes that are often associated with different types of furnaces. However , with the advancement of the safety and technology that are built into modern furnaces, leakage of any kind of harmful gasses or fumes is very uncommon.