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CFD Simulation Of Air Flow

A new high-performance wireless system has been developed for outdoor pole mounted applications. The complete system would be enclosed within a plastic clamshell and then mounted outside on utility poles or on the side of buildings.

Consulting and simulation services include developing and supporting the development of computer simulation modeling using various modeling paradigms. 

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As CFD consultants to project, the objective was to ensure the highest possible thermal efficiency given the low heat transfer rates from the interior through the plastic enclosure and out to ambient air.

The CFD simulation took into account natural convection within and external to the electronics enclosure and the conjugative heat transfer between the ASIC’s and the PCB. Chip lead temperatures were back calculation from the analysis. 

CFD consulting expertise with electronic assemblies allowed us to interpret the CFD results in a logical manner and thereby avoid “false positives” or one might say – unnecessarily over conservative predictions.

The biggest challenge to this CFD work was the diurnal cycle since the plastic enclosure acted almost as a black body to the solar radiation. 

Although internal fans were considered to alleviate the predicted heat buildup between PCB’s, it was reasoned that by mounting the device vertically, a strong natural convection pattern could develop to self-cool the device during hot days.