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Choosing The Right Filter Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

Companies working with certain solutions often have to find a way to separate the solid from the liquid. When the time comes, having a filter press is a must. However, choosing the right hydraulic press manufacturers to buy from can be difficult. You can also get the information about hydraulic presses online.

When making the choice, customers must determine exactly what they need. There are a couple of different types of machines to choose from, both performing a slightly different task. They can be either automatic or manual, which work the same with the exception that one is automated while the other is manually operated.

Plate and Frame Machine

The Plate and frame machine, is also known as the membrane filter plate. It consists of plates and frames that alternate. A centrifuge pump helps keep the solids suspended so there is no settling during the process.

As the liquid is delivered through the machine, the solids collect on the cloth suspended over frames separating the chambers. When the frame becomes soiled with "cake," the process is stopped and the cleaned liquid is funneled off through collection pipes. The "cake" is removed at the plate and discharges the solids into its collection point.

Recessed Plate Machine

The recessed plate machine works very similarly to remove solids from liquid. The plates in this system are about two to four feet across and have a concave depression in the middle, hence the name. The solution is squeezed through the opening, which has a cloth pulled across it.

As before, the liquid goes through and the solids remain, forming a cake. However, in this version, the cake cannot get more than 32mm thick before cleaning. This machine also takes longer to change the cloth and can form an uneven cake.