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Dont drive burned out ever again!

management course online basic fatigue

A few years ago, it was a daily occurrence for commercial drivers to find themselves behind the wheel half-asleep, exhausted from incredibly long work shifts at odd timings. The drowsiness inevitably led to a mistake while driving and caused crashes. Several studies across many industries have explored the effects of fatigue on work, and it emerged without question that fatigue impairs the functioning of the body and increases accident risk.

The fatigue risk management system was implemented to take into account the biological sleep cycle of drivers and work around it to ensure a driver is always working in the best possible condition, at the highest awareness. A basic fatigue management course online can educate drivers and schedulers on the FRMS as per NHVAS guidelines and mitigate road risk.

Outcomes of the Course

This course can establish the framework of the FRMS in organizations. This includes the following elements:

Fatigue management policies

Fatigue risk management, i.e, collecting information on the hazards of fatigue, analyzing risk and working to control it

The employee reporting system for fatigue

Investigation of incidents

Training for employees and management

Handling sleep disorders

Continuous improvement through auditing internally and externally

Scientifically approaching fatigue management through a structured course means that

Operators must manage the fatigue of employees according to safety legislation

There is a chain of responsibility so that many parties in the supply chain like consignor, prime contractor, scheduler etc. are legally responsible

Companies now follow a standard schedule of work hours

Get officially certified now with a basic fatigue management course online.