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Emergency Restoration Services in CA

ERS or Disaster Recovery Service is a service to clean and rebuild your home, business and personal property provided by experts even after disasters such as flood, storm or fire, mold, crime or biohazardization. Disaster recovery experts are available 24/7 and have experience working with insurance companies or public regulators.

Here are some disaster recovery steps that you can do yourself in the event of a disaster or accident, as long as it’s safe to do so. This quick action can actually help minimize damage and keep you safe. Be sure to contact¬†biohazard cleanup services in CA¬†as soon as possible.

First, take people and pets to a dry and clean environment. Never use food that has been exposed to water. Do not use any electronic or electrical equipment that has been exposed to water before inspection. Wipe water off all wood surfaces, but don’t try to wash the surface. If it’s summer and it’s safe to do so, turn on the air conditioner to help with the drying process, and if it’s winter take turns opening windows and turning on the heater to encourage drying.

Leave the control and execution of the actual drying of the building to the experts, even with a small amount of water, as they have the right technology to prevent mold and mildew from developing and causing damage.