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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Pizza Oven

A pizza oven works by heating a cooked pizza and baking the pizza dough on dry heat. They are specially shaped to fit flat, wide dough on a removable tray or grid and can hold one to four pizzas. Most models also come with temperature controls and timers that you can set for the baking and reheating cycles. Many companies like grillscapes can help you in buying a gas-fired pizza oven for your kitchen.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens in Burlington ON

With your own pizza oven, you may not need to order takeaway dinner or have pizza delivered to your door. If you're still happy your pizza was delivered but there are still leftovers, you can use the pizza oven to reheat it to eat again later.

Gas pizza ovens use propane or natural gas to generate heat. They have a large capacity which makes them ideal for commercial use as they generate more heat and cook faster than electric ovens.

Meanwhile, electric pizza ovens use radiation coils to heat the air inside the oven. They are available in compact workbench models and in stainless steel, ceramic, or aluminum grill surfaces.

When inspecting the pizza oven, check the baking sheet. Choose an oven with a ceramic or stone oven for an authentic taste. The stone surface can absorb moisture from the dough to reduce the pizza fat content, but it also retains heat longer than metal, so you can keep your pizza warm even when it's turned off.