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Guide to Using Online Auctions

You remember that yard sale you used to have every summer? Well buying and selling with online auctions is much like that, except over the internet and with millions of potential customers and vendors.

If there's a rare trinket you're looking for or simply have to get rid of that lava lamp from 1969, then with a little bit of know-how online auctions could be the key to your success.

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Primarily, just like you would in the real world with high street stores, shop around. Check the going price for the item you're after by scoping out all the final bids that it's been bought for. This will give you a good idea of a realistic price bracket and from this you'll be able to decide whether you can or can't afford to purchase the item in question.

Next, do some research into the sellers, check their history for positive or negative comments from people who have bought from them in the past, and whether they returned for repeat business. The online auctions are a self-policing community where members offer honest feedback on other members and buyers and sellers come with a satisfaction rating attached.

When buying there are a few handy tricks that help you cast the winning bid. For example, add a few pennies to your offer in order to creep above other bids, you may beat everyone else by spending just a five pence more. Another important element is your timing. Last-minute bidding is known as sniping, where a well-timed offer can snatch the item from other members right at the last minute.