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Heater Repair: 5 Things To Check For

If you need a repair, it is always a good idea to fix your problems before they get worse. In this article, the author recommends checking these five things for proper maintenance of the electric warmer in Marshall.

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5 Things To Check For When Repairing A Heater

1. Is the power going to the heater?

If the power is not going to the heater, then you will not be able to repair it.

2. Are all of the burners working?

If one or more of the burners is not working, then you will not be able to repair it. 

3. Are all of the safety features working?

Some heaters have safety features such as automatic shutoff and pilot lights that you need to make sure are working properly.

4. Is gas present?

If there is no gas present, then you will not be able to start the heater. Make sure there is at least one inch of gas in the line and that all connections are tight.

5. Is the thermostat set correctly? 

The thermostat needs to be set at a temperature that matches the type of heater.

How to Complete Small Repairs on a Gas Heater

1. Clear the area around the heater where the gas will be flowing. This will help keep debris from clogging up the system.

2. Open the control valve on your heater. This will allow gas to flow into the heater and start it up.

3. Turn off all other electrical appliances in the house that are not needed for heating purposes. 

4. Check to see if any pilot lights are on in the heater enclosure (these are small lamps that light up when the heater is active). 

5. Allow your heater to run for at least 10 minutes before checking for repairs or returning any utility bills to your energy company. 

By following these simple steps, you can easily repair small problems with your gas heater without having to call a professional contractor.