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How People Can Get Benefit From Stained Art Glass

I have always been interested in stained glass art since I was very young. At one point, I took a class and found that creating such beautiful work is not as easy as I imagined.

Anyway, I keep creating linear designs on paper for years and some are Art Nouveau style. It wasn’t until I met Pierangelo Tosi, an Italian craftsman, that I was able to appreciate the mystical and spiritual qualities of stained glass windows that allow rays of light to pass through them to shine into my eyes. You can order patterned dichroic glass via

He turned some of my images into sparkling pieces of glass that let light pass through them and into my enlightened mind. Several important steps mustbe taken to make the stained glass, the first being that it produces a simple linear design.

Next, the builders have to put different colors of glass into the shape and design of the track. Any organic or geometric shape can have a different color.

Once the design has been traced, it must be cut with a glass cutter or iron slit. If the face or design is to be painted, the details will be planned behind the glass.

Then the future will be painted with vitreous glass that can be placed in the oven. The oven had been using wood for heating, but a modern electric oven. Melted glass in another glass so that the two merge.