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How To Perform Home Annual Furnace Repair

Simple furnace maintenance doesn't require much time and is quick. Lack of maintenance is the main cause for HVAC equipment failure. You can take steps to ensure your furnace runs smoothly. 

Annual maintenance can save you money and keep the furnace in top condition. Here's a list of items that must be checked or cleaned regularly for a 90% furnace to work properly. You can easily check on the website about more furnace services.

Before you start working on any furnace, make sure to read and comprehend all safety precautions. It is a good idea that you read the entire owner's manual before working on any furnace.

This warning can cause injury or death. Before removing access doors for service or maintenance, turn off the electrical power supply to your furnace.

This furnace is high-efficiency and requires a secondary heat exchanger. Condensation is the secondary condensing heat exchanging heat. Condensate drain connections are required to collect moisture from burned gases and dispose of it into the home's drainage system.

 If the furnace has an electric evaporator, there will be a drain pan and drain line that drains condensate into your home's drain system. Before you begin, make sure to shut off the power supply. You should be able to identify drain lines and their locations by consulting the owner's manual.