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Improving Product Development Outcomes

The Product Development Process should be a mechanism to reliably deliver new products for manufacture or distribution. This is a core and critical component of a product strategy where you are creating the product yourself rather than sourcing it from a supplier. So surely this is a highly optimized, well-oiled machine that reliably delivers successful products time and time again.

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Product Development Process Diagram for PowerPoint and Keynote

With 30 years of experience in developing products for a wide range of industries, I have seen my share of projects handled well and not so well. Here are some general principles I have gleaned from my experience in Successful Product Development Projects:

  • Risks must be identified and managed. Track them and eliminate them as soon as possible.
  • Anything clever or tricky needs to be checked by someone else.
  • Everything else also gets checked. Design reviews, code walk-throughs, and prototypes save time, money, and heartache later on.
  • Hold the timeline. Foster an attitude that slippage is not acceptable.
  • Test and check everything.
  • It's not finished until no one has to do another thing to it.

So six core principles with some interrelationship between them. Let's have a brief look at how these work out in practice.