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Install Caulking Rope to Prevent Drafts, Save Energy, and Cut Costs This Winter

What number of windows do you have in your house? How can you determine which windows are letting in cold air and which are sucking warm? It is easy to find out. Simply place your hand at each corner of the windows. You will feel cold air entering your home if you feel it. Many homeowners are unaware that windows can account for 10 percent to 25% of their home's energy loss. 

These air leaks are the reason. Caulking rope, which is both easy to install and affordable, is one of many solutions to this problem. It can be applied to windows to reduce drafts, carbon emissions, and heating costs. A caulking rope is also known as a caulking cord. It's simply putty in a roll. You can also avail professional caulking services via

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Caulking rope can be used in tight places, which gives it an advantage over caulking guns or tubes. You can cut the caulking cord to your desired length and press it between windows to seal out any outside air. The number of windows to be covered will determine how much rope you need. A 90-foot roll of rope can cover six windows of average size, while a 35-foot roll can cover two windows.

If there are air leaks, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. The caulking cord prevents air from entering the home through windows and also stops heated air from leaving the house through these windows. The heating system will use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature if the outside temperature has less impact on the inside temperature.