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Is Population Control The Answer To Fixing Climate Change?

Population issues certainly are an important dimension of how society will unfold, how society will be able to cope with this crisis over the course of this century.

Population Council experts claim that improved access to birth control could slow population growth and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 40%. Improving access and effectiveness of contraception is one policy that has been mostly ignored by the international community. You can navigate to to learn how climate  change and birth control is interlinked.

natural causes of climate change

Following are the ways to prevent the global population:

  • Educating Women

One of the universal calls to prevent the global population from ballooning is to better educate women, particularly in developing countries.

The key to achieving slower population growth is best done through a rights-based approach that includes educating girls and providing universal access to family planning and reproductive health services. That is the best and most sustainable way to achieve reductions in fertility that leads to slower population growth.

  • Family-planning choices

We are still seeing that there are hundreds of millions of women around the world who would like to be able to have greater control of their fertility, but don't have real meaningful access to the information and services that will allow them to do that.

These are the main ways to prevent the global population and save our earth from further climate change.