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Learn More About Different Styles Of Acupuncture

There are different styles with different philosophies and methods for practicing acupuncture. This article explains the main differences so you can choose which one suits you best. The main difference is between the way the modern western works (called "medical acupuncture") and the old oriental style ("traditional acupuncture").

If you are looking for an active release remedy in Pickering, you can search online. Medical acupuncture is a recent creation that is entirely based on the principles of Western scientific medicine.

Training for practitioners who meet Western qualifications (such as doctors, nurses, physiologists, etc.) is very short – usually around 5 days. This therapy is used almost exclusively for pain relief, but sometimes it can also be used for other diseases.

Sometimes physiotherapists such as chiropractors or physiotherapists use this type of acupuncture in their practice, in this case sometimes referred to as "drying needles".

Traditional acupuncture is an ancient therapy developed in China and is now widely used in Southeast Asia and throughout the world. It is a holistic treatment based on radically different ways of understanding health and disease.

This training takes about 3 years. Acupuncture can be "traditional", think of acupuncture. It can use a very broad range of physical, mental and emotional ranges. You need to hire a qualified and certified acupuncture in Pickering.