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Life Expectancy Lung Cancer Patients Have

Depending on how one acquires initial diagnosis, the patient's life expectancy for lung cancer has to be different. Other factors will also be the stage of cancer once it has been diagnosed. 

However, thanks to new advances in technology and science, the life expectancy of cancer patients has been increasing significantly over the last ten years. You can get more information about genetic testing for lung cancer at Positive Bioscience.

Over the years, millions of people have died from this dreaded disease. People who smoke and fail to stop after they have noticed a change in their health are prone to acquire cancer. Smoking is the number 1 cause of cancer, accounting for up to 85% of the deaths, and many times lungs are too damaged to save.

This form of treatment patients receive is also a determining factor for cancer life expectancy. Here are some facts from the latest research and studies on the subject:

How is cancer diagnosed? how do specialists detect

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  • In general, the life expectancy of cancer patients is quite low. However, the earlier the detection, the better the chances of survival. 
  • Often, the disease is fatal, and those who survive will have to deal with several methods of pain management and controlled environment to avoid absorbing other chemicals in their environment. 
  • They were dealing with a short life expectancy of cancer should also be supervised and monitored regularly.
  • Radiation can increase the life expectancy of cancer from 20 months to 42 months when thermal ablation was followed after therapy. The combination of thermal ablation with radiation therapy making the survival rate is much higher than either treatment alone chose only.