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Pool Covers for Your Full Convenience

A pool cover is one of the pool fixtures that shouldn't be caught without your pool. It has many useful features such as Maximizing the benefits of the pool heating system. It can also act as a replacement pool fence, which is essential for safety.

There are basically three types of pool cover: protective cover, winter cover, and leaf net cover. They all perform the different functions your set requires.

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The safety cover is, as the name suggests, a feature that keeps the pool safe and accident-free. It can be made of mesh or solid materials. They are attached to the deck by a rope that pulls the lid over the pool.

There are times when it requires a professional to install, but sometimes you can install it yourself. This pool cover does an excellent job of preventing young children from sliding through the gaps between the top and the water. This layer also reduces the evaporation of water in the pond and chemicals in the water.

Winter pool covers are important for protecting the pool during harsh winters. It is made of very durable hard material. The inner shell of this type of pool cover is lined with a weather-resistant material that can withstand acids, bases, salt, mold, chlorine, and temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very important to protect the pool from the sun, snow, wind, and ice.

There is also a leaf net cover that prevents leaves and twigs from falling directly into your pond. Most often, a net cover with a winter cover is used to make cleaning the pool easier.

It is made of sturdy polyethylene mesh with small holes. It is usually installed in a winter cover and catches the leaves and branches that accumulate on top. This makes it easier to remove large residues.