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Select the Best Dentist for Whiten Teeth

The dentist whitens teeth with a simple procedure, but it's still not something that you can do at home, at least not in a very efficient manner with the same standard results. 

The dentist can whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide gel with a shield used to protect the gums. If you are looking for the family dentist in Dearborn mi then you can search many online sources.

The gel used is hydrogen peroxide from a higher power than the hydrogen peroxide found in the home teeth whitening kit. This, together with the laser beam is applied to bring out the best results. You should visit every month for the check up.

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Chair-side bleaching

The process by dentists, also known as a chair-side bleaching, involves first applying a protective gel on the gums to protect them from the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide-based gel. After protecting gums, gels applied but not before removing plaque on the tooth surface.

When the gel is applied, the laser is also used in the area to be bleached in order to create a chemical reaction in the gel to bring the desired effect. Depth gel stain determines the amount of time allowed to stay on the teeth before rinsing out.