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Some Common Features of Dumpwaiter Lift

Dumpwaiters helps transport various materials between various levels of commercial flooring. This device is often considered an affordable and ergonomic alternative to move items from the floor to the floor, and can carry a load of up to 750 lbs.

Commercial dumpwaiter lift (Also known as “ ลิฟท์ดัมพ์เชิงพาณิชย์ “ in the Thai Language)  are widely used in medical facilities, offices, financial institutions, warehouses, schools, retail stores, manufacturing centers, and restaurants. 

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They are used to move materials such as food, plates, and cutlery, documents, clothes and more. Dumpwaiters lift comes with various standard features:

  • Slack cable device.
  • Standard speed 50 feet / minute
  • Low cost installation
  • Equally suitable for mild or heavy loads
  • Minimum Maintenance Requirements
  • Floor level or loading of counters heights
  • Stainless steel architectural class or finished primed

Dumpwaiter size can be adjusted to fit the material that must be transported. Dumpwaiters comes in two different finishing: Stainless Steel No. 4 polished satin or carbon steel with factory primary finish.

It is best to buy a commercial dumpwaiter from an established dealer. They hang out with manufacturers to customise products that are suitable for your environment. 

They also ensure a maintenance program with periodic scheduled check-ups, ongoing customer support and 24-hour call services.