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How To Fix Your Watch?

Watch fix is a trade going back to medieval times. A century from now watch fixing was restricted to hand-wound grandfather clocks and wall-mounted types. People used to take pocket watches usually covered in metallic cases.

With the passage of time, important changes have come about in observe fixing trade. Hand-wound watches have gradually been replaced with automatic, and battery-operated watches. You can choose Albatel brothers company for gifts, accessories, watches & repair.

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The consequent alterations in watch fixing also have undergone enormous changes.

There are very few stores that repair hand-wound watches as they have gradually been replaced by battery-powered and automatic varieties.

Now services are focussed around the replacement of batteries, replacement of bands, watch overhauling, crown and stem repairs, cleaning, and polishing, and damaged crystal replacement. Even in spite of large-scale development in watch designs, the basic mechanism has remained the same. Specially designed tools and magnifying glasses are still needed to repair your watch.

Replacement of Batteries and Bands

These watch repair jobs are done by all repairers. Batteries are quartz-powered and usually last for one year. Replacing a battery takes about five minutes. Band replacement takes a little more time as you need to make a selection among many varieties.

Bands normally are made of leather, metal, fabric, nylon, or soft synthetic material. The choice of band depends entirely on you. After selecting a band it takes about five minutes for fixing it to your watch.