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Choosing A Perfume For Yourself

The choice of fragrances and perfumes seems to be increasing day by day as manufacturers compete for our attention and are trying more and more to differentiate their offerings from competitors. With a choice like that, how do you know where to start when buying perfume?

In general, all perfumes fall into different categories based on the dominant top notes. Oriental fragrances use a strong spicy aroma and are ideal for special social events. However, be careful when passing it on to people you don't know very well – this intense perfume can be a very personal choice.

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Earth or wood perfumes cause a forest odor and are usually very refreshing. They often tend to like the older generation and can make the perfect gift.

The so-called "green" is much lighter than oriental ones and is suitable for more casual clothes. Since they don't strike the nose very dramatically, they are also safer for gifts!

Modern "sea" fragrances are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people who appreciate intense, but often very unusual aromas, which immediately resemble a lake view. Of course, it's an excellent choice in warmer months when the holidays are in focus.

After all, this classic floral fragrance is suitable for almost anyone and every occasion. But be careful with the cheaper brands; The most feminine of all the major groups work best when the materials are of high quality, which means that cheaper brands can smell it.