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Danger of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Attack – How to Safeguard Against It

Chemical, biological, and nuclear disasters are now well known, following the Tokyo subway attack in 1995 and the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath. However, even in light of these events, many local first responders are still not familiar with the potential implications of these events and how quality; industrial-grade protective gas masks can both guard them and help them protect their communities.

After the September 11 attacks, federal regulators asserted that there was no substantive air quality threat in the immediate area surrounding the former Twin Towers, so firefighters, police and paramedics from across the United States rushed to the scene, protected only by crude cloth gas masks. Tragically, many of these brave men and women have since fallen victim to various diseases, from asbestosis to lung cancer, and have yet to be fully compensated for their hardships.


The main lesson to be learned here is to adequately research the proper safety precautions before the event takes place, and do not rely on direct official reports, which can be misleading or based on incomplete information.

Terrorism experts, with alarming frequency, now predict that some form of a chemical attack, biological or nuclear weapons can not be avoided in the next decade, both in organized groups or "wolf" (like the anthrax attacks in October 2001). Thus, the need for heavy-duty, high-quality gas masks is now more pressing than ever.

Gas Masks – Safety Products

There are two main types of gas masks. Air Purifying Respirator half-mask respirators. And Air Respirators that comes with breathing assistance apparatus.

Gas masks have some form of a face that was held in the face with a strap of some kind. The facepiece covers the bottom of the face (nose and mouth). It is used mostly by people who are traveling through areas polluted or toxic working environment of workers in non-fatal, for example when spraying paint. If you are looking for Military grade gas masks online then you can search on various internet sources.

This can come in two types. One type of masks that are sold after use. Or another mask in which the filter can be replaced after each use. This product protects users by clearing the air of contaminants.


This is another type of respirator that comes with cartridges that filter out chemicals and gases. There respirators used in sterile environments that provide oxygen from a tube attached to them.

How Respiratory security products work?

Respirator form a seal at the nose and mouth. All of the air breathed into the human body passes through this respirator. This product can clear the air of all airborne pollutants, dust, and steam with its filtration devices.

Points to remember when purchasing security products Respiratory

  • Masks should fit tightly in the bottom half of your face.
  • Face mask with foam seals offers more suitable because of their flexibility.
  • Mask with breathing masks is more effective because they make breathing easier.
  • For highly toxic work environments using non-disposable masks with sealing gaskets.