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The Dual Battery Isolator System: A Breakthrough

Vehicles can now have a battery system that adds a second battery to increase its power and efficiency. This system allows for a hassle-free, efficient, and quick way to charge the second battery without affecting the original one. 

The diode, which produces a lot of heat, was used in the past to accomplish this system. The original battery was deprived of almost a volt of power and the alternator needed it. Therefore, the charging wire had to be rerouted. You can use dual battery systems to cope up with many problems by using a solenoid or an auto switch connected to the ignition. Dual Battery Isolator Kit,12V 140Amp Battery Auxiliary System Isolator Voltage Sensitive Relay & Wiring Cable Kit, for Trucks, SUV, ATV, ATV, UTV, Boats : Automotive

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The units will stop connecting the moment you turn the key. This means that the second battery will be charged immediately. The charging system is put under strain and the alternator must be upgraded to avoid it getting burned out. 

Technology-conscious consumers are searching for an easy way to eliminate this hassle. It is easy to use as it charges the spare battery using the vehicle's charging system. This is known as the dual battery Isolator. After the first battery has been charged, the BSR isolator stops the charging and gives a full charge to the second one. 

The alternator will not need to be replaced. The vehicle's battery will work automatically without the need to turn on the ignition or redirect the alternator wiring. This makes the vehicle's battery system reliable and minimizes the possibility of it failing.