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Tag: cat urns for ashes

How To Make A Cat Urn

Making an urn out of ashes is a beautiful way to remember a loved one. There are many different ways to create a cat urn, and you can choose what is most meaningful to you. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Create a heart-shaped urn using your loved one’s ashes. Add some favourite photos or mementos inside the urn, and then decorate it with flowers or other funeral symbolism.

2. Make an urn out of multicoloured glass beads. String them together like a necklace, then thread them through the holes in the bottom of the urn. This design can be customized to feature your loved one’s favourite colours.

3. Make a simple urn out of porcelain or ceramic pottery. Paint it with your loved one’s favourite colours, or add a personal inscription to the front.

4. Make an urn out of paper clips. Fold each clip in half so that the pointy end is pointing up, and then staple them together around the outside of the urn. This project is easy enough for kids to do, and they will love having their own personal memorialized

5. Make an urn out of their ashes. This is the simplest way to honour your pet's memory. Simply gather their ashes and mix them with water until they form a thick paste. Then use a spoon or your hands to shape the mixture into an urn. If you want, you can decorate the urn with a favourite picture or toy of your pet.