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Why Do People Drink Coffee?

Are you in love with the aroma of coffee? Do you caffeinate yourself every morning? Well, if that instantly instigates the need of a big cup of coffee, you are a true coffee lover. Just like you, there are several people all over the globe who cannot imagine their lives without having a cup on a daily basis and sometimes even more than one. 

It is the distinct & captivating taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee that attracts and holds the interest of the beverage among individuals. For some, taking a sip of it means energizing, while for others drinking some is one of the best ways to spend some good time with friends and family. You can also contact Coffee Cart Services for Events in Singapore.

It is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health. The origin of coffee is debatable, but its taste and marvelous aroma is undebatable. Coffee is now grown in over 70 countries worldwide. Arabica and Robusta are two most commonly grown coffees. 

Robusta is bitterer and has less flavor than Arabica. Due to this, around 75% of coffee cultivated worldwide is Arabica. Robusta contains 40-50% more caffeine than Arabica. Since it is inexpensive vis-a-vis Arabica it is used as a substitute in many commercial coffee blends.