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How to Choose the Right Cushion Size

When it comes to furnishing a home – whether the interior or the exterior – there is nothing which quite adds an extra level of comfort and style like cushions. Simple and inexpensive, these decorative items make any sofa far more inviting and can add a pop of colour to any home.

If you are starting from scratch with your decoration, however, it can be confusing to know which size of cushion to opt for. Even if you already have your cushion inserts or your cushion covers, finding the corresponding cover or insert to match can also be difficult.

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In the case when you are starting to decorate from scratch, it is important to begin by deciding which type of cushion will suit your home best. There are many different sizes available on the market, which can provide plenty of choice, but it is also crucial to know the standard cushion size in your country.

In Australia, for example, the standard cushion size is 45cm by 45cm, with a typical large cushion measuring 60cm by 60cm. There are both larger and smaller options available however, including 30cm by 30cm covers and 65cm by 65cm inserts. These, of course, are square cushions, but there are also many rectangular models on the market too.

The different sizes available will depend on the particular region of the world you live in, so before you invest your money, check that there are plenty of replacement options of both covers and inserts available in your local area. This will make it easier to find a quick replacement for a reasonable price should you need one.

After you have taken these into account, you will next need to consider what will look good in your home. Generally, furniture in the home works well with smaller cushions such as the 45cm by 45cm items mentioned earlier. On the other hand, large cushion covers and inserts are well suited to outdoor furniture and day beds.