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Money Saving Tips For Your Next Event – Custom Canopy Tents

Tents with individually molded canopies are popular for events and trade shows. Custom printed canopies are a great branding option, but you could end up spending too much money! Here are some tips to help you save money on your next tent order:

First, let's discuss the printing process. Tents can be screen-printed or digitally printed. Since digital printing is a more expensive process than screen printing, I will remove this topic from this "saving money" discussion. Let's talk about screen printing.

Screen printing actually takes ink and draws it onto the film canvas with your logo on it. To print on spot colors, you must create a new screen for each color. So if you have a two-color logo, you need to create two screens. There are many companies that offer economical printing options for businesses. You can buy custom canopy tent, 10×20, with logos & designs online. 

Once you understand the printing process, you will better understand these tips:

1) Have a simple version of your logo that is just 1 or 2 colors. From a distance, the crowd cannot see the subtle fades and drop shadows in your logo art anyway so why waste your marketing budget on things that won't be seen.

2) Select a canopy fabric color that is the same as one of the colors in your logo. If your logo is a blue star with a red moon in the middle of it then you can go from a two-color print to a one-color print by selecting a red canopy top and only printing the blue star and then "drop out" to the red canopy fabric for the red moon.

3) If you are going to be using the canopy mostly indoors or just a few times a year tell your supplier. There are different levels of steel strength and aluminum and the assumption will be that you need the tent for consistent outdoor use.

4) If you know you will be using more than one tent over the course of the year then buy them at the same time so you can have them printed all at the same time. The savings are significant!