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Packaging Industry Is Evolving Through Printing Techniques

We all know that the primary purpose of the product is to pack, protect, and preserve the item. But now the role of packaging has been increasing from the past few years and now it's more than protecting and preserving the product. 

So communication, branding, and advertising have become vital functions of the modern-day. This is why brands and companies are using and still looking for some innovation to win the competition. If you want to explore regarding single-use packaging visit,

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The innovations and advancement in packaging are all about placement of words and product size to package, and it includes an array of box printing techniques and processes.

Printing techniques packaging in early ages

The history of printing can be traced back to 3000 BC or even earlier, but its techniques hit the industry in the 18th century. Wood blocks were introduced as the printing technique and it is the oldest one, and wooden style packaging was just used at the time. 

After that Movable-type technique was proposed. In this process, craftsmen cut individual letters (on wood or metal). 

Printing techniques and brand identity

In the 1800s, the counterfeits started to sell the duplicate and low-quality products illegally using the name of the same brand. So, brands felt the need for building brands' identity, and in this way, packaging became the ultimate solution, and custom boxes are a perfect picture of this. 

Letterpress printing technique

It is one of the oldest methods but still used in this modern era. It is one of the most reliable techniques that is used to translate a digital design into cardboard boxes, paper, plates, or can print on any material. Still, it is widely used in the industry with modified machinery and techniques to create beautiful custom-made boxes.