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Get The Best Polo Shirts Online

Polo Shirt is a staple garment used by men and women around the world. It is ideal for sports clothing and casual wear, where you want to be a little bit smarter than "just a t-shirt".

Prior to that the uncomfortable shirts were long sleeves, with buttons going all the way down and with formal collars. Custom Sublimation Polo Shirts revolutionized sports wear in the early 20th century.

You may recognize the Lacoste crocodile logo of the brand today. This is because Rene Lacoste put this emblem on his shirt to show a longer back (tail) off his shirt. Polo players from Argentina called Lewis Lacey chose a different symbol. He puts players on a brand polo shirt and thus "Polo Shirt" is born!

Polo players find that the layout of these new clothes are much more convenient than the traditional shirt. In addition to the buttons and collar change, new shirts are made of a friendly, softer materials. Nowadays, it has turned into an important item of the closet all these men, almost all of them do not play polo.

So when polo shirts became essential fashion item? That's when, in 1972, Ralph Lauren, including those in the fashion line he named "Polo". In the modern office life it is common to have a casual day dresses, and Polo Shirt is an ideal way for a man to dress her for a day like that!

This is because the Polo Shirts smarter than a t-shirt. It has a collar and buttons and are made of a thick knitted material. Polo Shirts can be bought for next to nothing – as well as mid-range shirt made from better materials and of course the shirt designer from Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and many others.