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Types Of HVAC Systems For Commercial Buildings

In commercial buildings, the HVAC system heats, cools and ventilates each floor, either from a central system or from a separate unit. Without them, your high rise building would be freezing in winter, hot and humid in summer, and unstable from floor to floor. 

When the temperature drops in altitude, the outside temperature is higher on the ground floor of a skyscraper than on the upper floor. Commercial HVAC systems combat temperature fluctuations and maintain good air quality. You can also get more information about high rise residential HVAC systems via

The heating component in the HVAC system draws air through the water, gas, or electric heating components, producing a stream of warm air. AC does the opposite; They lower the temperature of the air by pulling it through the cooling coil. Heating and cooling systems require ventilation components to filter out mould, pollen, dust, excess moisture, bacteria, and carbon dioxide.

There are many types of commercial HVAC systems, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on the right option for your building, consider its height, size and use. Bigger and taller buildings need more robust systems to combat outdoor temperature fluctuations. Residential buildings require a zoned system to allow tenants to control the temperature of their units.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient HVAC system that takes up less outdoor space than a single split system, a multi-split system is a great choice. This system works as a single split system, except for connecting several indoor units to one outdoor unit to save space.