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Tag: Frozen Yogurt

Why Frozen Yogurt Needs To Be an Essential Part of Your Diet Plan

As for frozen yogurt, celebrities have been enjoying its health benefits for decades. It really is a healthy and balanced choice for a dessert when considering alternatives. Replace frozen yogurt with high-fat desserts like ice cream and watch you start to lose fat and feel much better. Kids and adults alike enjoy a nice glass of frozen yogurt, so there's no reason not to make it a part of your diet. You can consider the high tech frozen yogurt equipment at

Frozen yogurt is a top choice when deciding which dessert to serve after dinner. Using yogurt as the base of your fro-yo makes it a healthier alternative to ice cream, which uses high-fat milk fat as a base. Instead of using up to 15% milkfat as ice cream, he only consumed about half a percent in total.

This means that the fry can still contain enough milk fat to keep it smooth and at the same time reduce the amount of excess fat to a minimum. Frozen yogurt is a healthy option and offers something that ice cream can't even dream of. Common yogurt includes a lively and active culture that supports the body in many ways.

The cultures stay alive in the yogurt when frozen, and as long as the mixture is not too hot during mixing, they will remain dormant. If the mixture is too hot before freezing, it can kill the probiotic culture.

The bacteria heat up as soon as they reach your digestive system and begin to reactivate. Plants help your body with digestion and are able to quickly break down the lactose in dairy products. This explains why people with lactose intolerance can often eat yogurt without experiencing the same side effects as consuming alternative dairy products.