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Mistakes To Avoid While Building Orangeries

An orangery is one of the most preferred options of house extension for most of the homeowners. They find it cost-effective and easy-to-build. A finely constructed orangery will solve your space issue and provide you with beautiful extra space that can be used for multiple purposes. A room on the ground floor or an orangery (also known as Une pice en rez-de-jardin ou une orangerie in French language) has many benefits if constructed carefully.  

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However, there are some common mistakes that homeowners should avoid while building an orangery:

  • Never choose a style that is not in accordance with the architecture of your existing home. This will reduce the appeal of your property instead of increasing it.
  • Never choose cheap material to save costs. You should focus on building an orangery which will not only look stylish but remain durable for many years.
  • Plan lighting, plumbing and heating for the room from the start. Don't concentrate only on the aesthetic part of the orangery.
  • Never ignore the landscape outside the orangery. A well-built orangery on a messy landscape will not look attractive. Clean the ground and keep the surrounding area neat to prepare a perfect base for your new extension.

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