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Guide On How To Clean Your Solar Panels In Gold Coast

In rural areas without electricity, solar energy can be very useful. You must take care of the solar panels you have installed in your home to ensure they continue to work for you. There are some tips to help you with solar panel cleaning in Gold Coast.

Keep them clean

The panels aren't equipped with a cleaning system so dust can easily build up. The units won't absorb as much energy due to dirt accumulation. You can remove most of the dirt from panels by using warm water or a dry cloth. 

solar panel cleaning

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Make sure that your panels are professionally installed

If the panels are not properly installed, there is no way they will last longer and work efficiently. Experts advise against installing solar panels on roofs older than 15 years. Although you can easily replace your roof once the panels have been installed, it is not always as simple as you might think. 

Many solar companies will provide technicians to assist you in the installation. However, if they do not, it is important that you ensure that the person you hire has the right certifications and experience.


These are some tips to keep your solar panels in top condition. To ensure that your panels last a long time, make sure you buy them from a trusted store. Install the panels by a professional. A panel that is properly installed and of high quality can last for up to 20 years.