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Understanding More About Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy combines traditional counseling approaches such as dreamwork, conversation, interpretation, and reflection with experimental research. The most important lesson in somatic psychotherapy is that we experience self-esteem, identity, and relationships with other people through physical means.

As we develop in families and communities, we construct patterns of feelings, sensations, expressions, movements, and emotions that are manifested through which we get to know ourselves and build relationships in the world. To know more information about somatic psychotherapy, you can visit

somatic psychotherapy

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Work, play, and other confrontations with the world are also achieved through the development of various muscular states, emotional and sensory skills, and areas of movement.

Somatic psychotherapists are trained to help clients explore the physical means they use in their daily lives. By using breathing exercises; Movement exercises; touch; By studying feelings, sensations, postures, gestures, and expressions, clients learn how to form certain identities and how to interact with others.

For somatic psychotherapists, examining the adaptation patterns of the client's body and researching these new performance tools are useful tools for the development of self-confidence and life satisfaction.

Somatic psychotherapy has proven to be a very effective tool for treating trauma, dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), identity problems, and influencing regulation. They are effective in both group and individual settings and are especially suitable as aids for self-reflection and for developing new areas of impact, self-expression, and comment.