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Sealing Performance Test For Plastic Capsule Bottle

Due to its lightweight, high strength, solid structure and excellent sealing characteristics, as well as moisture proof and cleaning performance, the plastic bottle has found many applications. in the packaging of oral pills or liquid medicines. In addition, the plastic cap bottle meets special drug packaging requirements and can be filled directly without cleaning or drying.

To avoid the influences of light, heat and oxidation, etc., pharmaceuticals need vials with excellent sealing performance, so that moisture or deterioration does not occur during their period of validity. Therefore, it has been clearly stipulated in the relevant standards for the sealing performance of plastic cap bottles, which is a key index for manufacturers. To know more about sealing tests are performed visit

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Sealing performance refers to the sealing reliability of the plastic cap bottle. Through the sealing performance test, the sealing integrity of the entire package can be guaranteed. Therefore, the excellent sealing performance of the plastic cap bottle is a guarantee against moisture or deterioration during the validity. It has been regulated in the relevant national standards as follows: Take a number of plastic capsule vials and fill each vial with a few glass beads. Then tighten the bottle closures.

Next, immerse the sample from the bottle in the pre-filled water in the container with a vacuum device and aspirate the test chamber to the vacuum degree of 27 kPa for 2 minutes, during which no water should enter the chamber. bottle or should not be observed. bubbles. The above test method is by visual observation which provides a qualitative determination. For the quantitative determination of sealing and leakage properties, the leakage tester with positive pressure method should be used.