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Best Destination To Visit Is Manta Ray Big Island

A large number of tourists visit Kona every year to see manta rays in their natural habitat on Kona, which is located on the big Island of Hawaii.The companies have been offering evening diving and swimming tours with mantas from 1991, in which a single boat was out every week. Today, more than 50 activities providers provide manta ray excursions all year long.

Manta rays are most often seen swimming with rays at night because underwater lights in the dark waters draw plankton. Manta's food source is plankton and, as time passes, the mantas around Kona have been taught to anticipate the abundance of food near the lights. If you’re planning to go on a vacation you can book your tickets online or visit to book in advance. 

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At Manta Ray Advocates, we're seeking to inform visitors about ways to sustainably interact with marine creatures. It is essential that human-manta interaction be beneficial to all who are involved. This is why the standards for participants were established in 1993.

Let's get started and take a closer glance at the things  to be doing when you swim with manta Rays.

There are 5 guidelines for swimming with manta ray swimming during midnight:

  • Rule  1-  Observe only, do not touch animals.

  • Rule  2- Positions for snorkeling and divers are correct.

  • Rule  3- Turn your lights in the correct position while swimming.

  • Rule  4- Do not blow bubbles until you reach rays of Manta.

Chances Of seeing manta rays during nighttime in Kona are higher than 70%, however there's always the chance to spot a manta during the day, too.