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Tag: mustang gauge cluster

How to Repair a Speedometer Gauge

If you've had your vehicle for some time, you've probably noticed that your instrument cluster became damaged or even noticed that a few gauges were broken in the course of time. 

Let's look at how to fix a speedometer's instrument cluster. Most people are unaware that the instrument cluster can be fixed at home, but it can certainly be done. All it takes is patience, time and a few good guidelines. The steps to fix an instrument cluster follow as is shown below.

The instrument cluster needs to be taken from the vehicle. To do this it is necessary for the emergency brake to be activated and the trim made of plastic around the cluster should be removed. The steering wheel needs to be lowered and the shifter put in the 1st gear. 

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The trim can be removed and taken off and the screws 4x that are holding the cluster together. The cluster will then be taken out and the wiring cut off. After these steps have been done, the actual cluster will need to be removed from the instrument cluster. 

Once all components are in place, any damaged gauges or gears must be replaced with brand new ones. It is recommended that the OEM components will be used in replacing the old parts. You can also get more information about speedometer gauge repair.