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Tag: Network Problems

Resolving Client Server Network Problems Through Network Support

When personal computers began to replace the mainframe, client-server networking model has become increasingly popular. network model Client-Server refers to application partitions workload distribution between service providers and service requestors. This model could be used on local networks and the Internet. A server machine is a host running one or more server programs that share resources with the customers. 

Network Operation Client-Server.

All the network systems are well supported by many network support providers via to their clients. Client and server are separate computers, configured to their specific operations. Applications such as access to databases, Internet access, email exchange are designed according to the client-server model. Using this model, have a bank account can access account information and perform transactions. To see the details of the account, the user must send a request to the bank server using a web browser client. 

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The server program will forward the request to its own database client program that sends the request to the database server. The database server returns the account details to the database client which then transmits the information to the user. 

Comparison of client-server model templates to other networks.

The need to allow users to access more actions to database applications led to the development of the client-server model. Scalability is enhanced on the client-server model with respect to the mainframe model because connections are able to be formed as per needed instead it being fixed. Network support makes this model much easier. Modular application is supported by this model, which made the work less arduous software development.