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Tag: powder coating

Get Wheel Refinishing Services

Because of the high cost of buying a new wheel at the dealer, wheel refinishing is a necessary procedure. With the right heat, pressure, and vibrations, aluminum wheels can be restored to their original condition by smart people who are good mechanical engineers.

Wheel refinishing was then a necessity. Many people in the machine shop have CNC (computer network controlled) lathe experience and can replicate the cuts and angles on aluminum wheels. This is the best way to repair cosmetic damage that requires welding. 

Powder coating is also a necessity. After the lathing process is completed, there is no comparison to the Acrylic powder coat. This equipment has been used in the manufacturing process for many years by the factory. If you want to get the services of wheel powder coating, then you can visit


There are many wheels refinishing "shops", each offering different technical abilities. It is important that you select a reliable company to handle your wheel replacement and refinishing needs. Factory rims can often be restored to their original condition for a fraction of what it costs to go to the dealer. 

Find out more about the wheel repair process, and how it can be done safely and effectively.