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Find Unique Features of Boutique Hotels

When people go on vacation or business trips, they use brand name hotels like the Comfort Inn or the Holiday Inn. While these hotels are good for getting a decent nights sleep, they do not offer much more than that comfortable bed. Yet, there is an alternative if you're looking for something a little more than a bed. You can check out more about boutique hotel at

Boutique hotels are the best choice if you're looking for a hotel that provides a home-like atmosphere and a bed with friendly service. What is a boutique property? A boutique hotel is one that has been designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment for its guests.

You can search the Internet to find unique places to stay. Many of the New Orleans antique homes are boutique hotels, even though you may not know it. When accented correctly, these older New Orleans homes can be used for more than just museums.

Boutique hotels are known for using catchy themes to attract guests. While some hotel owners may choose to use the theme of their hotel's location, others will choose an era or period to create a memorable experience.

While mainstream hotels offer plenty of extras, boutique hotels provide more. Even though most buildings are old, they are retrofitted for modern conveniences such as high speed Internet access, spas, swimming pools and even a fitness center. Boutique hotels, larger ones especially, will offer guests a bar and restaurant inside to enjoy.