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Tag: Safe agilist training

Challenges Of A Safe Agile Project

A safe agile project is a project that follows specific guidelines to make it as safe as possible. These guidelines include making sure that all the stakeholders are involved and that the project is well planned out.

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Many of the same safety principles used in traditional projects can be applied to a safe agile project. For example, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved is key. Stakeholders should have an understanding of the risks and benefits of the project, and they should be able to provide feedback on how it is progressing.

A safe agile project should also have a well-planned out timeline. This timeline should outline how long each stage will take and what steps will need to be taken along the way. It should also include milestones that indicate when the project is finished.

By following these guidelines, a safe agile project can help to make sure that everyone involved is safe and that the project is completed on time.

 Aspects of Creating a Safe Agile Project

1. Establish an environment of trust and respect.

2. Governance & process principles

3. Risk management techniques

4. Scalability & stability

5. Build a team that is committed to continuous learning

6. Take care with the release proces.