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How To Buy Shatter Online?

For those who are newer to the marijuana scene, chances are you only have a basic understanding of marijuana that you consume in a bong or blunt. You may even know that there are various strands of marijuana, but what might not know is the concentrations. 

We don't be able to blame novices for not being aware of shatter, they're not getting the full benefit, as shatter is one of the strongest and most potent highs that marijuana can provide. This guide will explain all you should be aware of about shatter.

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Shatter is what it sounds like. How do I get rid of shatter?

Shatter is a concentrate of marijuana that has a concentration of around 60% THC. Sometimes it may even contain up to 90 percent (standard cannabis contains around 20 percent). Shatter is more potent than other cannabis due to the fact that it's created by an extraction process that removes all the other elements that make up the cannabis plant. 

This involves soaking the marijuana in butane and then heating it to a point where there is only Butane Hash Oil. It's not just that shatter is high in THC It also contains numerous terpenes as well as CBD. When it comes to the appearance of shatter it is transparent and looks like glass resin (hence the name"shatter").

What are Concentrates?

Before we can define the shatter into a concentrate, and proceed, we need to clarify what a concentrate actually is. Concentrates are cannabis that has been modified to make it more potent and pure. Concentrates come in different forms, such as wax, budder resin oil, shatter, crumble, and much more. These forms are all very concentrated.