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Skilled Immigration Visas Available in Australia

The unemployment rate in Australia has been low in the past decade, especially when compared with the rest of the world. This is due to large economic conditions that the country has experienced and is mainly driven by the mining industry and services. The health sector is another driving force when it comes to work in Australia. Due to the strong labor demand, the Australian government has created major workers skilled visa options for prospective immigrants. So you can easily apply Australia visa online with the refrance of agent.

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1. Employer-sponsored visas – As the name suggests, this immigration visa entails that businesses based in Australia or overseas registered can legally sponsor and hire foreign workers. In addition to corporate sponsors, foreign workers will need to have the skills and / or qualifications required in Australia. Employer sponsored visa valid for permanent or temporary work arrangements.

2. Additional and professional skilled migrant visas – Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a program called the General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) intended for other skilled workers abroad and professionals who are not sponsored directly by the employer and make a visa application on its own accord. As with employer-sponsored, work visas also stipulates that workers have the skills and experience in the occupation that is in demand in Australia.