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How to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer in Cairns

A marriage only takes one day, but the pictures keep the moments captured to be shared for a lifetime. The decor and the food may be fading but the photos will remain intact for many years. These pictures help revive the spark and joy long after they were celebrated.

Wedding photography, although surrounded by happiness and smiles, is a very serious business. May photographers make a profession out of it, and it's not just some side job you can pick up for extra pocket money.

It takes more than a great camera to capture the truth and the emotions of a wedding. In order to capture the moment right, a photographer needs a great amount of expertise in the angles, framing, timing and lighting. Before you hire a Cairns wedding photographer for your wedding day, do your homework first.

Hunting for Photographers

Start hunting for photographers as soon as the wedding date is set. Starting your search well in advance gives you many options to choose from. Look for opinions and reviews from others who have worked with the photographer. Make good market research, and make sure every photographer you are considering has a decent-sized portfolio of work to see it through.


Set your budget limit beforehand. With every photographer you are considering, see what options are available in your price range. Some photographers charge per hour, others per event, and many by the number of prints that you buy. Look what you get from each of the different services, and decide what best fits your needs, desires and price.