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Tag: Wine Making

How Much Trust Can You Put Into an Online Sommelier?

Often, people complain that their wine is too bitter, too sweet, or tastes bad with their food. Perhaps to blame was the inexperienced wine waitress. Failed installations are very common but can be avoided with new DNA technology. Grape DNA has gone a long way in preventing expensive vines from being stolen. You can consider the best sommelier course at

Training and experience are required to find the perfect wine and food combination for any type of meal. You will probably only find professional sommeliers working in fine restaurants where their training and experience can be used on a daily basis.

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  • Combine food and wine

Master sommeliers are trained to match the flavors of your food with the perfect accented drink. Today there are no more than 200 master sommeliers in the world. You can receive special training from selected catering schools.

  • DNA-driven technology

Law enforcement agencies have used DNA technology to catch criminals for years. The same basic technology used by online sommeliers. Using the information you provide about your diet, this program will combine your diet with the perfect wine selection.

You have several options because not all tastes are created equal. A person who can enjoy Chianti may not like the deep, rich burgundy, but both, for example, come up as suggestions for several types of ham. Sommelier digital offers several options based on DNA technology to suit your diet. So the final choice remains yours.

Many people won't search online just to pick their wine before going to their favorite restaurant. The popular mobile app really puts your favorite sommelier at hand. One quick visit from your mobile device and you can enjoy a meal knowing you made the right choice.