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Tag: wisdom teeth removal

Why Is It Important To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of your mouth. They are usually the last to emerge. However, it is possible for not all four wisdom teeth to be in. Wisdom teeth removal is a common operation in developed countries. 

The removal of wisdom teeth is controversial. Recent medical evidence shows that most people do not need their wisdom teeth to be removed, even if they are impacted. You can get more information about wisdom teeth removal at Oral Facial & Implant Specialists.

emergency wisdom tooth removal

If there are any problems with your wisdom tooth (e.g., an infection, damage to another tooth, a cavity that your dentist cannot treat), or a cyst in your jaw, you should have it removed. Even so, wisdom teeth removal is still recommended for people who don't have any problems.

Sometimes, your gums can feel tender or sore when a wisdom tooth is being placed. This is normal and should not be a concern. If your wisdom teeth aren't causing any problems and aren't impacted, it may be more harmful than good to have them removed.

The roots of the upper wisdom teeth are located very close to the maxillary nasal. Some people have roots that reach into the sinus. Once in a while, there is an opening into the sinus. 

It is possible that bacteria may get in the sinus and prevent it from healing. This infection is not responsive to antibiotics, and can often require surgery to drain the sinus.

Your lower wisdom teeth may cause nerve damage in your mouth. One in 100 people may have permanent damage to the lingual nerve, which is responsible for your ability to sense temperature and pain. 

The extraction of wisdom teeth can also cause bleeding, jaw fractures, injury to teeth, dry sockets, and other complications.