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The Advantages of Online Billing Software

You can set up a product and then charge a monthly fee. If your customer chooses, you might set up a product where you charge $10.00 per month until they cancel.

If you offer a product that is easily consumed on a regular basis, this type of product can be a great way for your business to grow. It's just as easy or difficult to sell a customer a one-time product as it is to sell them an ongoing product. You can make your monthly revenue grow by selling a recurring product. Every new sale that you make each month is added to the previous months' sales.

When you are considering offering recurring billing software, the most important thing to consider is the new Visa & MasterCard requirements to protect consumers.

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Forced continuity is not allowed. Forcing continuity is when you give away or sell a product, and then sign up your customer for your recurring products. This scenario doesn't allow the customer to opt out of the recurring product but forces them to purchase your continuity program. This practice could result in your merchant account being closed and you not being able to accept orders. Forced continuity is not a good idea.

A second requirement is that anyone selling a recurring billing product must agree to terms of service (TOS) with any new customers. The TOS must clearly and concisely state how much and how often a person will be charged. 

You will need to include different product prices in your TOS. Online shopping carts that are the best will allow you to accept multiple TOSs from your customers. The cart will keep track of each customer's TOS so you can show your merchant account exactly what they agreed to when signing up for your product.