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The Peloton Bike+ Is The New Gold Standard Of Indoor Cycling

Anyone looking to get and indoor cycling bike has surely heard of the Peloton Bike plus, but not everyone can afford it. The new Peloton Bike+ is one of the most expensive pieces of indoor exercise equipment available to buy for any home gym at almost $2,000. The cult like Peloton community regards the new Bike+ as the gold standard of indoor cycling machines, and for good reason. The latest release from the company boasts a massive 23 inch rotating tablet monitor that can be used for workouts on and off of the Peloton Bike+. Not only can you do rides on the bike, but since early September members of the all access membership can participate in Bootcamp classes with weights as well.

The Peloton Bike plus shares many similarities with the standard bike, such as the same size footprint and the same flywheel, as well as very similar adjustments. You can see whats different and whats the same on the new indoor cycling machine in the Peloton Bike+ review from TailHappyTV. Matt shows us around the Peloton Bike plus and points out how to use the new Apply Gymkit feature along with how to use Auto Follow digital resistance. You can find a lot more information about the Peloton Bike+ within other videos posted to TailHappyTV as well.