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Things You Need To Know About Screw Air Compressors

The workhorses of most manufacturers around the world are rotary screw compressors. A rotary screw compressor is likely to be powering a large building that makes stuff.

This is because there's a reason. A rotary screw compressor for industrial use has a 100% duty cycle. The compressor can be used continuously without any breaks and it will last longer and work better. You can also buy the best screw air compressors through

Screw Air Compressor

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Another reason is that when properly sized rotary screws can be the most efficient compressors available. Proper sizing, a well-designed air system, and intelligent compressor control are the keys. 

The most powerful compressor in the world can be installed into an air system. But if the system or control scheme is not well designed, it won't work.

There are also rotary screw compressors that only have one screw. They are not popular for compressing air. They'll be used more often in refrigeration applications. Although their principle of operation is beyond this blog's scope, you can find more.  It can be scroll, screw, lobe, or rotary vane.

Rotating screw compressors come in two options: oil-flooded or oil-free. This is because oil-free compressors do not provide oil-free air. (There's oil in our air). The difference with oil-free rotaries is that there is no oil inside the compression chamber.