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Tips for Choosing a Right Web Development Company

Clients have complained about working with web developers who either didn't have the skills or were too busy with other projects. Based on the interactions I had with my clients, here's a list to help you choose the right web development firm for your web development project.

1. Understand the Technologies company works on:

Web design and development is a broad field. However, a company may come across companies that work on a variety of technologies. Get a list of the technologies they use.

I am sure that names like PHP, joomla,.NET, WordPress won't make sense to you but for the sake of understanding, read about them on some of the easily available web resources like Wikipedia on the web. It's imperative to understand that there is a difference between website design and software development.


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2. Portfolio Check:

Everyone claims they have worked on every project, which is the latest trend in web development. I recommend that you compile a list of past work by the web development company and then conduct a thorough search to verify any claims made by your vendor.

3. Quality vs. Cost

It's a saying you've probably heard countless times: "Quality never comes cheap" and it still holds true to this day. If you are looking for cheap work, don't do it. This is not something you will be doing every month. Your web presence and the software you use are important steps in your business automation. You should spend the right amount of money to do your job.